Teacher Training

TLEC and the American Learning Center with the help of outsourced pioneer trainers in the field of education have designed a series of ESL/EFL TT course workshops that would empower any novice teacher with the right skills. Upon completion of the sessions, teachers will have an outstanding performance and gain up-to-date teaching knowledge.

Teachers can have access to a range of courses on line or offline. We will list a few workshop titles among many that the center offers.

  • Pre – CELTA Training
  • Developing Language Teaching Methods
  • Ed-Tech and Digital Tools in Language Teaching & Learning
  • Developing 21 st Century Skills in the language Classroom
  • Assessment and Evaluation Methods (formative and summative)
  • Educational and Instructional Leadership: Lead for Success
  • Digital Citizenship (for Learners and Educators)
  • Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom
  • Innovative Techniques for Language Skills Development
  • Classroom Dynamics and Effective Management
  • Games and Hands on Activities for Active Learning
  • Adult Learning in Higher Education
  • Effective Methods for K12 EFL Programs
  • Curriculum Development and Strategic Planning
  • Material Development and Teaching Resources
  • Study Skills for Academic Excellence
  • The Impact of Storytelling Techniques on Language Skills Development

Workshops duration ranges between 8 to 12 hours. Workshops could be taught individually on a private basis or in group sessions. An online certificate of attendance will issued after the completion of each course. You can also claim your original certificate that will be dispatched to you via regular post.