Welcome to TLEC Global Services.

TLEC Global Services Egitim Bilimleri Tic. Ltd is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is an affiliation of the Beirut, Lebanon operation namely ALC- Lebanon that has been serving the Lebanese community and the MENA region for15 years.
TLEC caters for a new style of education with a futuristic approach. Equipped with the latest tools that make the education experience simultaneously fun and rewarding, TLEC is the solution to your educational needs in this fast moving era. Shortening all distances, TLEC has developed a versatile educational system with VCT (virtual Class Tuition) that brings knowledge to your doorstep.
Exploiting our knowledge and expertise to reach out to the maximum number of knowledge seekers to access our programs that cover a variety of disciplines. Provide online employment opportunities for teachers and trainers around the globe within our scope of work.
TLEC is at the heart of a fast growing industry that has many divergence in the twenty first century. Adding more disciplines to our existing ones remains a continuous endeavor for us to keep up with the latest educational trends.